Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anderson Ranch

Wood shop at Anderson Ranch
In late July I taught a workshop called Seeing in Color at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado. Apart from being felled by a killer flu and a crippling touch of altitude sickness, my experience was overwhelmingly positive. It was my first time in Colorado and only my second time teaching such an intensive workshop.

Snowmass and the surrounding area introduced me to a natural beauty my east-coast-eyes have rarely seen. Everywhere I turned I was surrounded by massive mountain peaks and thick formations of green pine trees. Even if Anderson Ranch wasn't set in such a divine location, it would still be a very special place. Artists of all disciplines go there to learn new skills, make work, connect with other artists, and recharge. The campus is usually abuzz with ceramicists, woodworkers, painters, and photographers creating work, discussing ideas, and attending classes. The energy and warmth sets the tone for your stay.

Snowmass. The hills are alive with the sound of art!
For my color workshop I worked with six talented students with wildly different approaches to photography. Over the course of five days I lead discussions on the history of color photography and the emotional aspects of color, critiqued their previous work, discussed how to build a career as a photographer, and took a few field trips to explore the area with our cameras.

At the end of the workshop I asked each student to send me their favorite image from the week so I could post them on my blog.

© Adrienne Zell

© Tess Freeman

© Roger Ewy

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