Thursday, February 05, 2009

But The Good News Is...

Dad and Patty in the office, last days open, Trainer, Penna © Lisa Kereszi
Lux Interior is dead and my husband is a bit distraught.

But the good news is...

Friend and early mentor, Lisa Kereszi, finally has a Web site. When I teach my class about photographers who have mastered color, I show Lisa's work.

Sarah Sudhoff has made the Texas to New York trek this week so she can attend the opening tonight of Hysteria: Past yet Present at Rutgers University. Sarah's work will be featured prominently in this group show that explores "hysteria in relation to gender construction, feminine identity and pathologization, and sheer physical form given to the condition in the imagination of artists." If you are in the Newark area you should definitely come out for the opening.
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