Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dexter and the Art of the Title Sequence

I am late to Dexter. The series just finished its third season on Showtime and I have only recently watched the first two seasons on DVD. It is a great show on every level including the brilliant title sequence created by Digital Kitchen. The sequence does a masterful job of capturing the tension between Dexter the mild-mannered blood-splatter expert and Dexter the dutiful serial killer.

In my mind the Dexter sequence joins the opening credit sequences for To Kill A Mockingbird, Six Feet Under, and Anatomy of a Murder as the best examples of the form.

To Kill A Mockingbird title sequence by Stephen O. Frankfurt

Six Feet Under title sequence by Digital Kitchen

Anatomy of a Murder title sequence by Saul Bass
If you want to soak up some more brilliant title sequences, spend a few hours touring the Art of the Title Sequence Web site.
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