Saturday, November 01, 2008

Run Amy Run

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity that took me to every corner and three boroughs of the city. It really wasn't much different than most days--my life pretty much follows the plot of Run Lola Run--but yesterday all the bit players and extras were dressed like the Joker and slutty nurses.

I started off in Brooklyn with my assistant Geoff prepping images for my upcoming show at the Print Center in Philly. After about four hours of staring at the computer screen, I drove home to Queens and picked up my husband and my cameras and headed over the Triborough Bridge to East Harlem.

This was my fifth year working on the Halloween in Harlem project. Every year I troll the crowded streets between Lexington and 3rd Avenue above 110th Street and fight the falling sun to document a unique New York take on an American holiday ritual. The kids in the neighborhood do not go from home to home for candy, they go from liquor store to bodega to check cashing store for candy. The streets are packed with families and stopping the flow to take photos proves half the challenge. Every year I build up to the day and then never have more than two hours to shoot before it gets too dark.

After shooting in East Harlem we drove back home to Queens, put on our lame costumes, and then jumped on the F train to the epicenter of Halloween madness to got to Matthew and Nate's party. If you have never been to the West Village on Halloween night, here's a helpful tip.

Don't go!

Streets blocked, throngs of drunken idiots in Scream masks, shoving and pushing from all angles, and New York's bagel-fed finest just standing idly by looking completely content to do nothing and collect overtime pay. Not fun. After forty minutes swimming through humanity we finally made it to the party.

Matthew and Nate throw the best parties and this year was no exception. Nate is the detail guy and no ghoulish detail was left to chance. Cupcakes with eyeballs, spiders crawling across the wall and spelling "Obama", and a giant centipede in the bathtub were just some of the touches that made this a great evening. The highlight was Matthew's Indian food throwdown challenge. He is a big fan of the Jackson Diner and my recent declaration that Delhi Palace was better raised his ire and piqued his interest. Look forward to a new Lunch With Amy post coming soon with guest diner, Matthew Pillsbury.

It always seems like a long subway ride home to Queens after a night out, but last night it took longer than usual. After a full day all I could do was collapse in my comfy chair while watching The Soup and then drag myself to bed a short time later.

This Saturday I am going to force myself to relax.
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