Thursday, July 10, 2008

But The Good News Is...

From The Pod People series © Peter Snyder
The bad news is that for globe trekking foreign fighters Pakistan is the new Iraq (which was the old Afghanistan), the Senate just sold out your privacy and chicken tastes better with money.

But the good news is...

You can still see lots of great work from the 2008 Review Santa Fe participants at Flak Photo. Highlights so far include work by Peter Snyder and Thomas Broening. Look for the work of Eric Percher, Colleen Plumb and Rachael Dunville in the next few weeks.

Tom Holton is still selling $175 limited "benefit" prints to help the Lams who lost their home to fire. You can read more about their story and see the prints here. If you are interested, contact Tom directly at or call him at (917) 364-8044.

I bought this print from Tom:
© Thomas Holton
And, good news for all you moderate drinkers, a new study indicates that abstention from alcohol has the equivalent effect of taking a handful of Quaaludes and then reading The Bell Jar with Morrissey. So drink up. Cheers!
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