Friday, November 30, 2007

The Drawing Project

The first drawing available from Jason Polan's The Drawing Project
I am beginning to think that Jason Polan does not sleep. He produces amazing work at a ridiculous clip and manages a vast array of creative enterprises including the Taco Bell Drawing Club and his blog, The 53rd Street Biological Society. Now you can add The Drawing Project to his restlessly expanding portfolio. What is The Drawing Project, you ask? Jason says,
"I am starting a new project. There will be a drawing posted everyday. The drawing will be available for you to see and possibly have. The first person to request the drawing (send an email to with your name, the address to send the drawing, and the drawing number) will receive the drawing in the mail. The artwork will be posted on this website.Once the drawing has been claimed it will be noted within the post on the website. Each drawing on the site will be labeled on the reverse and limited to 1. There will be all different drawings (the first one is of a frog). I hope you enjoy the project. It begins right now."
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