Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Colin Blakely and Rachael Dunville

© Colin Blakely
Last week was a gift-in-the-mail bonanza. Colin Blakely sent me a signed print from his Somewhere in Middle America series. I first saw the image, The Seeming Impenetrability of the Space Between, at the Griffin Museum and promptly gushed about it on my blog. If you are in the Boston area you can still see the photo in person at the 13th Annual Griffin Juried Show. Also, be sure to check out Colin's blog. Probably the most interesting and honest take out there on the struggle to be a successful photographer.

Also in the mailbox was a signed copy of Rachael Dunville's Springtown catalogue. You can pick up your own copy at photo-eye. The Springtown show is still on display at Peer Gallery and just got a lovely write-up in the New Yorker. Not too shabby.

Big thanks to Colin and Rachael for the fabulous gifts!

© Carrie Marill
In addition to these wonderful gifts, I have also received my first two pieces from 20x200. Arriving were gorgeous prints by Amy Ross and Carrie Marill, respectively. Both prints are still available. For only $20! What are you people waiting for? Beyond the solid curating, Jen Bekman has done a wonderful job with all the identity work around 20x200. When your prints arrive it really is an impressive production.
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