Saturday, August 18, 2007

Greetings from Point Arena, California

Another long day of traveling through beautiful country. We only ran into one stranded motorist, but I think the photos will be great. Possibly a triptych. Normally I would be disappointed after driving for an entire day and only shooting one situation, but this trip was just too amazing to complain.

We started in Eureka down Highway 101 toward the Avenue of the Giants. Standing in the coastal redwoods of Humboldt County is a religious experience. They are like a cathedral. You just exist in their presence empty of words and in total awe at the power of these trees.

After the 31 mile trek through the redwoods we picked up Pacific Coast Highway and drove down the Mendocino coast. This is where we found our stranded couple whose car had broken down next to a stretch of beach. They set up some tents and were camping for a couple of days while they tried to figure out next steps.

The Mendocino Coast is just amazing. Every turn reveals something more breathtaking. When you are in this area of the country you understand not to try capture it with pictures. You just look. You try not to talk about the beauty because words will fail. You just listen. This type of natural beauty politely demands you to just absorb it in the moment and promise to come back.

Tomorrow is the last day of our trip. The plan is to head inland slightly and start hitting up the wineries of the Anderson Valley and the Russian River Valley and then stay the night in San Francisco. We fly out of SFO early Sunday morning and head back to the grime and grit of New York City.
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