Friday, December 15, 2006

Sophia Peer Reviewed in the New York Times

You know you are a hotshot artist when you are included in the paper of record. Fellow SVA MFA alum, Sophia Peer, got a very favorable write-up of her video piece, Everyday, in the New York Times review of the Queens International 2006. Congratulations, Sophia!
Where this exhibition can feel more provincial than shows like P.S. 1’s “Greater New York” or the Whitney Biennial is in its attempt to balance the interests of the art crowd while staying “close to the heart of many local residents,” according to its brochure. Sometimes these concerns dovetail nicely, as in Sophia Peer’s quick-cut video “Everyday.” She captures her aging parents moving around their cramped home in Queens like latter-day, empty-nest Bunkers burrowed in a row house amid a social landscape turned virtually unrecognizable.
Also in the exhibition and worth checking out is Rebecca Roberton's Queens Vernacular series. Rebecca is another kickass MFA grad from the School of Visual Arts.
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