Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Exhibition Lab

© Dreamboats Collective

Recently, there has been a lot of renewed interest in joint endeavors within photography world. Collectives like Piece of Cake and the Dreamboat Collective have been formed to deepen community and support for their members. Lots of people are discussing their work together and it's helping to rewrite the rules of the art world.

The collective spirit is not limited to photographers; dealers have come together to produce shows and form collective groups as well. Sasha Wolf and Michael Foley have joined forces to create The Exhibition Lab, a study center for people interested in understanding and improving their photography. It's exciting to see people you like and respect putting their necks out to support photographers.

Next weekend the Ex Lab hosts it's first portfolio review. There's a blockbuster lineup including folks from The New Yorker, Harpers, New York Magazine, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Aperture, plus stellar galleries like Yancey Richardson and Andrea Meislin. I'm scheduled to review portfolios as well, but this list is so impressive I'm tempted to sign up myself. Do not miss this opportunity.
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