Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picture Black Friday

Shopping is pretty much the last thing I want to be doing at dawn, but every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving millions gather in the early morning to save precious pennies on stuff they probably don't need. Shoppers are fevered with anticipation and crazed with deal-lust. Retail stores push this frenzy by making the door opening an event--a doorbuster!--and in the current economic climate this can lead to physical violence and death.

Enter Picture Black Friday:
Picture Black Friday is an open call for photographers throughout the U.S. to go out and produce images that document Black Friday- how you see it, on your terms. Imagine this project as an open assignment: you have freedom to approach this event from any angle you wish, returning with single images or even a mini-project that documents Black Friday like no other media outlet will.
I will be spending Black Friday on the road shooting for Stranded, but will be judging the contest along with Mr. John Saponara, Rev. Jake Stangel, Dr. Jörg Colberg, Sen. Stephen Frailey, Rep. Brian Ulrich, and Jon Feinstein, Esq. (That's a lot of dudes.) Details about the contest, including how to submit work, can be found on the Picture Black Friday site.
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