Saturday, December 20, 2008

Number Two! Number Two!

After a three week stint as the best seller on the photo-eye bookstore list, my book has stumbled all the way to number two. So, which photography heavyweight ended the Domesticated dynasty? Eggleston? Parr? Strauss?

Nope. I was knocked down a peg by Jessica Lange. Hey, I loved her in King Kong, but come on...

Hmmm, I just took a peek at her work and it's not bad. Kinda okay in fact. Alright, Lange, you've bested me this week, but I am coming back like Nixon.

Good people, I beseech you. If you care about photography or have any desire to fuel my unhealthy competitive nature, buy a copy of Domesticated now! But, hurry. There are literally only a few signed copies left.
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