Monday, October 06, 2008

Who Does She Think She Is?

I'm usually unmoved by movie trailers, but this past Saturday I saw one that really piqued my attention. The trailer was for a new documentary called Who Does She Think She Is? that brings us into the lives of five women as they struggle with the inherent conflicts of trying to be a successful artist and mother.

I have been interested in this subject ever since the the panel I moderated at 3rd Ward back in March. For that panel I presented a ton of statistics about the dramatic drop off of female representation in the art world post grad school.

What happens to these artists in the years after they leave school? Do they get rejected by a male dominated art world or do they gradually get pulled in new directions by the demands of family?

These questions are very important to me and many of my friends as we find ourselves on the precipice of this reality. I'm very interested to see what this film has to say on the matter.
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