Wednesday, October 01, 2008

But The Good News Is...

Cheerleaders, New Orleans © Will Steacy
If you are gay, the GOP is not your friend.

But the good news is...

The Art for Obama auction is now open for business. Bid early and bid often. If you are priced out of the art, you can always give a couple of nickles to the man himself.

Tonight, Aperture and Parsons The New School For Design are sponsoring an artist's talk with Justine Kurland. Get the details here. I will be there and so should you.

Finally, photographer and all around great guy, Will Steacy, is having a limited edition print sale for a very good cause. Will is being forced out of his apartment by his landlord after a $600 rent hike. He can't afford the new rent and he doesn't have enough funds on hand to get a new place. He needs your help. Will is selling five images in an edition of 15 at the the very affordable price of $150. Buy one or eight now!

UPDATE: Art for Obama has been postponed until October 3 at 5pm. So, buy one Will's prints instead.
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