Sunday, July 20, 2008

He Would Look Good Above the Couch

Amani © Jon Feinstein
On Thursday I went to the opening of the I'll Be Your Mirror...So You Can Break Into Endless Shards group exhibition at Heist Gallery. No air-conditioning plus a steady stream of hipsters usually equals bad news in my book, but I was hanging with Amani Olu, Tim Briner, Geoff Ellis, Greg Wasserstom and Ali Malone, so the evening turned out to be a blast.

We were on the premises to support Jon Feinstein and see his piece in the show. And what a striking piece it is (see above)! When I first met Jon and Amani a little over a year ago I thought they were a couple and told them they were very cute together. They still laugh about that today and then quickly change the conversation to their girlfriends and the Jets as they crush beer cans with their manly hands.
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