Monday, February 04, 2008

But The Good News Is...

© Juliana Beasley
There is a ton of good stuff happening in the photography world these days, or at least that's what one would believe judging by my feed aggregator and inbox. Each week I am going to do a roundup of some of the more interesting projects, opportunities and announcements I have come across. There is a lot of crap in the world, but the good news is...

Juliana Beasley is one of my favorite photographers and one of my favorite people. She continues to knock it out of the park with her work and the world is starting to take notice in a big way. Her new series, Eyes of Salamanca, was just awarded second place in Prix de la Photographie's Human Condition competition. Well deserved recognition of stunning work.

The title of one of my favorite albums by Talking Heads is now the title of a great new book project from photographer/prolific blogger, Shane Lavalette, and Karly Wildenhaus. They are currently seeking submissions from photographers who would like to be featured in the first volume of Remain in Light. You can get all the details about the book and submission information here.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the power of the book for emerging photographers. Having your work featured in book form can be a huge personal validation and a heck of a promotional tool. Photographer initiated projects like Remain in Light and Pause, to Begin have sparked a kernel of a big book idea that I would like to pursue after things quiet down a bit in the next couple of months. I will keep you posted as it starts to take shape.
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