Sunday, October 14, 2007

The End of a Crazy Week

Spectrum of Life © Matthew Pillsbury
The week behind was a little crazy as I tried to complete my Domesticated monograph. I took another trip to Matamoras to make a picture and I have been meeting with graphic designers so I can get cracking on the look and feel of the monograph. I've also been scrambling to get new prints together for a show of my Stranded work at SMoCA. It's hard out here for an imp.

Wednesday I took a break from work to attend the opening party of the HSBC Photography Foundation Award at Phillips de Pury Gallery in Chelsea. This year's winners are the always wonderful Matthew Pillsbury and Julia Fullerton-Batten. We were lucky to be in Madrid when the exhibition made its debut in May. Just like the opening in Madrid this was a top shelf affair with lots of delicious treats and fine champagne and wine. You can see the exhibit in New York through October 19. After that it travels to Lyon in December.

While you are checking out Matthew and Julia's work be sure to see the preview on display at Phillips de Pury in advance of their big photography auction this Wednesday. It is really an amazing experience to take in so much great work in one convenient location. Among the photographs soon to be sold for ridiculous sums of cash include works by Clark, Levitt, Arbus, Frank, Meatyard, Klein, Shore, Sternfeld, and Goldin. The highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite pieces by Matthew, Spectrum of Life, in the auction with so many A-listers.

I would like to think the week ahead is going to be easier, but my to-do list is far too daunting to expect a reprieve.
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