Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Greatings from Cascade Locks, Oregon

Another long drive today, but the stranded business was good. We left Boise and found a couple stuck under an overpass not ten minutes later. The photos from this shoot should be a little different and I am excited to print them.

A short while later we saw a woman and her children stuck in the east bound lane of I-84. We were heading west bound. As is often the case with my Stranded trips I have to search for the next exit and travel in the opposite direction to get the picture. Two steps forward and three steps back. This time the turnaround was worth it. There should be some amazing pictures from this stop. The lady kept jumping a barbed wire fence to fill up a water bottle in an farm aqueduct so she could stop her car from overheating. It was quite the scene.

Several hundred miles later in Oregon we found a guy off the highway in a narrow pass in Lime, Oregon. The scenery was striking and it should be another strong image.

Finally, we hit the Columbia River Gorge and found our final stranded motorist in Rufus, Oregon. He was a long haul trucker trying to deliver his load on time, but hopelessly stuck as his rig was pouring out black smoke.

After two states and close to 400 miles of road in a single day we finally decided to have a nice dinner in lovely Hood River, Oregon. It was good to be a little civilized after three straight days of snacks, road side food, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Tomorrow we are going to tool around the Columbia River Gorge and then make our way to Portland for a couple days of Rose City excitement.

Until tomorrow...
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