Friday, May 04, 2007

This Blog Thing

I started this blog thing a year ago mainly as a means to post periodic updates about my emerging photography career. At the time I was knee deep in grad school, so I wasn't so much emerging as abiding. Over the months I started posting one-off photos and work that didn't quite make it into the portfolio. I also began to write a little less about my favorite subject (me!) and a little more about shows, other people's work, politics, and other random bits that struck me as worthy of a lonely shout out into the tubes of the Internet.

One thing I've learned over the last year is that writing daily content is hard work. I do have some Web creds -- back in the day I was Executive Producer for a political Web site called -- but my writing muscle has atrophied a bit and finding the time to gather my thoughts and consider words is no easy task these day. (Another thing I've learned is that if you want to increase your site traffic overnight, write about Britney Spears.)

So, what's the point of this ramble? Well, given my original ambitions and my deeply latent skills as a writer, I find it amazing that anyone actually reads this blog, let alone the hundreds of people who apparently read it daily. I am blown away that people far cooler than I like ArtKrush would put this site on their list of favorite photography blogs. Or that people far more established in the ways of photography have decided to make this site a habit. What's more amazing is the community of similarly minded people I have managed to tap into because of this site. I have met some truly fabulous and talented people who are writing, snapping, creating, doing, and sharing amazing things all over this globe.


All because of this blog thing.
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