Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tastykakes and Gumbo

© Zoe Strauss
Saturday we hit up Chelsea to see Kelli Connell's show at Yossi Milo and Elijah Gowin at Robert Mann. Great stuff, but we were really just biding our time waiting for the main event: Zoe Strauss' big solo show, If You Reading This, at Silverstein Gallery.

Zoe's prints looked great and the images were all very strong. And, there was a decidedly un-Chelsea feel to the festivities. It was fun to see stuffy matrons of the New York art scene leafing through the $5 print bin like a DJ diggin' for vinyl at a thriftstore. There were even Tastykakes for everyone.

The highlight was finally getting to meet Zoe in person. What a superstar. She has an energy and spirit about her that is so completely infectious and an authenticity that is a rare commodity these days. Congrats on the show, Zoe!

Do You Know What It Means launch party
Saturday was a tough go because we were still feeling slightly crapulent after the Friday launch party for Do You Know What It Means and the subsequent after-party that got us back to Jackson Heights at 4 AM. The event was a big success and I want to thank everyone who made it over to the SVA to share in the launch and the delicious gumbo.
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