Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sketches of Spain

© Irving Penn
If not for the decades of cocaine and hard partying that took his life in 1991, Miles Davis would have turned 81 yesterday. I can't offer anything new about the man or his numerous contributions to the development of modern music that haven't already been postulated and debated ad nauseam, so I won't even try. I mention Miles' birthday only because we are about to head to Spain for ten days and the convergence of those two events made me think of his amazing collaboration with Gil Evans, Sketches of Spain. When I think of that record I smile.

I also smile when I think about going to Spain for ten days of needed vacation time. The first leg of our trip will be in Madrid for PhotoEspaña. For three days and nights Madrid will be a veritable photography bacchanalia. So many shows during our time in Madrid (including my own work hanging in El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo as part of Descubrimientos PHE) , but I am most excited to attend the opening of the 2007 HSBC Foundation for Photography prize featuring the work of Matthew Pillsbury and Julia Fullerton-Batten. Matthew is a friend (and fellow SVA alumn) and will be there for the opening. Julia and I have almost met several times and I hope she makes it to Madrid for the show.

© Matthew Pillsbury
After Madrid we are traveling north through La Rioja and the Basque country for seven days of rest and wine and wine and rest. If I do not post much during that time it probably means I am having a wonderful trip.
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