Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stranded at Foto Freo

Cheerleaders, New Orleans, Louisiana © Amy Stein
A few years ago Mark McPherson contacted me out of the blue asking if I was interested in taking part in a book project that focused on Australian and American photographers. I thought, hmm... that's random, but potentially interesting. I knew very little about Australia beyond the cliches of surfing, kangaroos and walkabouts. Since Hijacked was released I have been involved in an intense love affair with the country.

Thank you, Mark, for opening so many doors.

After three weeks touring about New South Wales, I'm now in Perth for a series of Foto Freo related events. Thursday, Stranded will have it's solo debut at the Perth Centre for Photography. The show will include 33 images and I'm nervous and excited to see how they work together. Foto Freo also includes talks and shows by Trente Park, Chien-Chi Chang, Jon Levy and friends and fellow Americans Carrie Levy, Stacy Mehfar and Andy Adams.

Thanks to Bob Hewitt, June Moorhouse, Laura Beilby and the folks at the Perth Centre for Photography for inviting me to Australia and Foto Freo.
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