Monday, January 26, 2009

Time Warner On Demand Service Sucks

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog topics to talk about the heaping mound of pixelated crap that is Time Warner On Demand. The Time Warner On Demand service is completely unwatchable most times and when it does actually play, it will allow you to watch 98% of a show before cutting out.

Someone please tell me how WALL·E ends!!

I am hardly alone with my Time Warner On Demand troubles. A Google search reveals many a subscriber with the same issues. Hell, there is even a You Tube video where someone recorded the exact problem experienced by many Time Warner On Demand customers.

Is there another industry besides cable TV that would allow a completely unusable product to enter the marketplace without fear of consumer revolt. That, my friends, is the power of a monopoly.

And, please, no screeds about how I shouldn't watch TV or about TV being a vampire on the soul of society. I have read your bumper stickers and don't want to subscribe to your newsletter.

What I hope for is that this post about Time Warner On Demand service not working will rise in the Google rankings and force them to finally confront this issue. And when I say confront I'm not talking about rebooting my machine six hundred times or sending another yahoo out sometime between 9am and 6pm to "fix" my On Demand service. I'm talking about a recall or some other massive action where Time Warner comes clean and addresses the failure of the Time Warner On Demand service.

Not bloody likely, right?
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