Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Southern Stranded Roadtrip

Purvis, Route 55, Mississippi © Amy Stein
Friday morning I am flying to New Orleans to begin the final leg of my Stranded project. The series began in NOLA over three years ago as a response to Katrina and the flooding of the city. Since that time I have logged thousands of miles on the road as our country has suffered through a series of corruptions and failures of our traditional institutions of support. As the country has endured a collapse of certainty, Stranded has taken on a much greater significance for me.

Like my previous Stranded trips I have mapped out a probable route. And, like my previous Stranded trips that route is subject to change depending on my success or failure at finding stranded motorists. Friday, I will be landing in New Orleans and then taking two days to soak up the city and Prospect.1. After that I am heading east on I-10 across the Panhandle to Jacksonville. Then I head north on I-95 to Savannah and northwest on I-16 to Macon and I-75 to Atlanta. From Atlanta, it's southwest on I-85 to Montgomery, AL, I-65 to Mobile, AL and then I-10 back to the Big Easy.

If you know of any 'can't miss' roadside attractions, down home eateries or cultural happenings on my route, please let me know.
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