Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Night In NYC

Forest Glenn III © Christoph Gielen
Tonight is a slow night for openings in New York, but that doesn't mean I won't be making the rounds. Donning a parka and warmed by wine, I am going embrace the New York chill to see the Moving Walls 15 group exhibition at the Open Society Institute and Christoph Gielen's Arcadia show at Daniel Cooney Fine Arts.

The Moving Walls 15 show will feature work by James Pomerantz who I have been emailing with of late after he gave me a copy of his lovely book, Caspian Dream. The show is at the OSI so I'm hoping big daddy Soros ponies up for some quality wine.

Arcadia is Christoph Gielen's first New York solo show. Christoph's work includes spectacular aerial view of towns and cities that need to be seen in person to appreciate.

Really this is all just an excuse to hang out again with my sassy and hyper-talented lady friend, Juliana Beasley, who has been away in France far too long.

And, don't forget this Saturday is the big Zoe Strauss We Love Having You opening at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. If you miss this, you'd better be dead or in jail...and if your in jail, break out!
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