Monday, October 27, 2008

Jackson Heights is the Center of the Photographic Universe

Kabab King, Jackson Heights © Jeff Liao
The other day I was walking to the farmers market down the street and I suddenly I saw Jeff Liao sitting on a couch next to an apartment building. Jeff and I have been good friends for a while, but I was shocked to see him just sitting there. On a couch. On the street. In Jackson Heights.

We talked for a few minutes and caught up on our latest shows. Finally, I asked what he was doing and he said he was moving in to the neighborhood. At that moment it became official. Jackson Heights is now the center of the photographic universe. In addition to Jeff and I, Lisa Robinson, Accra Shepp, Justine Reyes, Richard Rothman, and Jessica Ingram all live within a couple of blocks of each other in Queens' finest neighborhood. Crazy.
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