Monday, June 30, 2008

MoCP Recap

Amy, Jon and Brian, three sheets to the wind
I have been a nomad of late and haven't had time to reflect on some recent adventures. Freshest in my mind is last Thursday's opening of Beyond the Backyard at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Karsten Lund did an amazing job of curating a strong group exhibition that was true to the theme and full of individually interesting photographs. Not an easy task. I especially enjoyed seeing the large Crewdson, Bill Owen's work and the beautiful images of Nic Nicosia.

The opening was packed with Chitown photo luminaries including Brian Ulrich, Jon Gitelson, Gerg Stimac, Colleen Plumb, Kelli Connell, Catherine Edelman, Deanna Dikeman, Mike Sinclair, Karsten Lund, Karen Irvine, Natasha Egan and Stumptown's own Shawn Records.

We ended the evening in fine Chicago tradition with many beers, tater tots, fried mac-and-cheese (surprisingly delicious!) and great conversation. I always seem to have the best time when I'm visiting Chicago.

I get to spend the next few days home in NYC, but will be heading to San Francisco this Thursday for the opening of my show at Koch Gallery.
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