Tuesday, June 17, 2008

But The Good News Is...

© Anneke Joris
The wonderful image above was created by Anneke Joris. Anneke sent me a nice note and said she was inspired by my photo, Howl. I love that someone in Belgium can see my work online and be moved to create their own fantastic piece of art. Thank you Interweb!

Darius Himes reminds me about the Blurb photo book competition, Photography Book Now. Photo books have never mattered more to an artist and even if you don't win it would be wise to get your work in front of such a solid lineup of jurors.

Teaching © Alison Malone
In other art news, the 2008 School of Visual Arts MFA Photo, Video and Related Media thesis show opens today at the Visual Arts Gallery. It's another great year and a great opportunity to see young talent before they hit it big. Keep an eye out for Allison Kaufman's very moving Dancing With Divorced Men piece and Alison Malone's ethereal The Daughters of Job.
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