Friday, March 21, 2008

Worst Reality Show Ever

Psycho Hitchhiker (Coming or Going), 2007 © Douglas Gordon
A gallery friend of mine received this notice casting artists for a new reality TV show.
Gallery HD and Illuminations Media are looking for two Fearless, Charismatic, Passionate & Informed ARTISTS to take the definitive chutzpah road trip.

Two Artist/Art Racers must cross the US in 40 days, surviving only on Art. Armed with art materials, cameras and a $1 dollar budget, the Artist/Art Racers must “trade” Art for food, shelter and other artworks.

Starting on opposite coasts (one in NYC and one in LA), the Art Racers’ odyssey culminates in a home-city exhibition of all the works they have created and collected along the way. The winner is the Artist/Art Racer who sells/trades the most artwork. Or at least the one who survives.

Looking for great communicators who interact well with all sorts of people and can make smart commentary as life happens. Intelligent, sassy and witty are good too. All participants must live in the New York or Los Angeles areas, be at least 21 years old and a US citizen or legal resident alien.

If this is you, please submit the following:
• recent photo (no older than 6 months)
• bio or resume
• sample of your art (photo reproduction okay)
• short essay explaining why you are an Art Racer
• be sure to include your full name, home city and phone number
Please send all ASAP to:

ART RACE shoots May 26 – July 11 for appx 40 days on the road + up to 5 add’l shoot days & voice over. Each Art Racer will receive $20,000 US for participating.
This has to be the lamest premise ever, but these shows tend to use premise merely as a vehicle to toss dynamite in the laps of the emotionally unstable. For this show I imagine they will cast a fierce gay waif and pit him against a butterfly-tatooed free spirit chick, strip them of their meds and then film them on a 40 day train wreck as they create, cry, stab, starve, fuck, suck and sell their way across the heartland of USA. You know, all the worst stereotypes about artists in one glorious made-for-TV odyssey. Set your TiVo now.
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