Saturday, February 23, 2008

But The Good News Is...

Yerim and Her Pink Things, 2005 © JeongMee Yoon
My dear friend JeongMee Yoon just got a lovely write-up in the New York Times. In addition to the article they also gave her work the full multimedia slide show treatment. Really impressive. You can see JeongMee's work in person beginning March 3 when her solo show opens at Jenkins Johnson Gallery in New York.

I have been thinking of JeongMee lately after I saw a recent feature in New York Magazine about five New Yorkers whose entire wardrobe consists of a single color.

One of the five people profiled is Stephin Merritt (brown). Stephin is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, the Magnetic Fields, who I happen to be seeing live tomorrow at Town Hall.

UPDATE: JeongMee's show at Jenkins Johnson opens Saturday, March 8.
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