Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Humble Arts Foundation Announces Grant Winner

Claire, 2007 © Molly Landreth
Humble Arts Foundation has just announced the winner of it's first semi-annual grant for emerging photographers (GEP). Drum roll, please. The winner is the very talented Molly Landreth, for her current series, Embodiment.

I tend to gush a bit when talking about the Humble Arts Foundation, but they are just so gushable. If you are an emerging photography, and frankly who isn't, you should apply for the GEP. If you are just a fan of great organizations helping young photographers you should support the GEP by purchasing a limited edition print from some amazing photographers. My suggestion, pick up the Amy Stein (only two left!!), the Dina Kantor, or the Corey Arnold. They will make fabulous stocking-stuffers for the holidays.
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