Friday, September 07, 2007

Party Like a Rockstar

© Melissa Auf Der Maur
If there is one thing I don't do, it's party like a rockstar. On certain nights I let go and may approach something akin to the party habits of a folkstar or a polkastar, but usually my only incursion into rock bacchanalia involves sitting on my couch watching Rock of Love on VH1.

This weekend, however, is all about the rock and or roll music.

Tonight I am going to see one of my favorites, Bill Callahan (former Smog), perform at the Highline Ballroom and I couldn't be more excited. So brooding and that voice! He also scores points for having perhaps the single greatest album cover in the history of rock music.

Saturday I have been invited to American Photo Magazine's Visions of Rock party at 401 Projects. The exhibit compliments a recent issue of the magazine that features the photography of rock musicians. Normally, photography by people who are famous for something other than photography would make me groan, but some of this work is actually pretty good. My biggest fear is going to this event and being exposed as someone who clearly does not have the cool credentials to be in the same room with Lou Reed and Michael Stipe.

One final rock note. If you are in or near Louisville, Kentucky, this Saturday I strongly suggest you make it over to the Rudyard Kipling to listen to Andy Guthrie throw down his sultry and seductive musical stylings. Andy is my cousin and an absolutely amazing talent. His live shows are the stuff of legend and not to be missed.
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