Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, That Shen Wei

Shen Wei Dance Arts
The 2007 MacArthur Fellowship 'genius grants' were announced yesterday and I nearly spit my coffee on my keyboard when I read the name Shen Wei listed as one of the recipients. Holy crap! Did my good friend Shen just get access to a cool half million to spend as he pleases? I was excited for Shen, but I was really excited for me because I thought for I would be getting a call any second inviting me to a celebratory dinner at Nobu. On Shen, of course.

I quickly went to the MacArthur site and learned it was Shen Wei the dancer, not Shen Wei the photographer. Damn it all.

(Shen, you can still take me out to dinner--it's the genius thing to do.)
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