Sunday, September 16, 2007

Of Bread and Circuses and Oreo Pizzas

We live in a fabulously depraved moment in time. Whatever your vice, whatever your crave, whatever your want, a shrewd and savvy merchant will be there to sell you relief. Popular culture has become a set of shiny keys to keep us fat and occupied twenty hours a day. In this climate of perpetual excess it's hard for a new product to sink below the clutter and stand out as a champion of deformed imagination and grotesque execution. Enter Domino's and their new Oreo Pizza.

Seldom am I moved to comment by the outrageous products of our modern consumer culture, but seeing this heaping mound of cookies and crust smothered in a money shot of icing on my TV has forced my hand. I believe the Oreo Pizza to be a the surest sign yet of our impending doom. It is the first, second, third, and fourth horsemen of the apocalypse riding to our front door in thirty minutes or less. Be warned, America, be warned. The end is nigh!
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