Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Art on the Cheap

© Younga Park
Jen Bekman has finally launched her new online venture, 20x200, and I quickly scooped up a $20 print by Amy Ross. It will be interesting to see how hungry the masses are for art in large editions at low prices, but I know I will keep coming back for more.

These days the Internet is chock full of opportunities to purchase photography by big names at well below market prices. Aperture and Blind Spot are the big names in cheap(ish) prints, but you should also check out the inventory at SF Camerawork, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, and The Photographers' Gallery.

Also, I would not be doing my duty as a working photographer and fan of Humble Arts Foundation if I didn't mention their limited edition prints collection, again. You can pick up a small-editioned print from my Stranded series for the ridiculously low price of $375. The print, Peri Route 80 Kentucky, was one of five photos from the Stranded series recently purchased by the West Collection, so what are you waiting for?

The big Wall Street collectors may be hurting these days, but that shouldn't stop us hoi polloi from getting into the game and start building our own collections.
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