Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stranded Tour Hits the Northwest

2007 © Amy Stein
Next Saturday I will be heading west for the next leg of my Stranded series. For eight days I will be driving the highways of northern California and Nevada, southern Idaho, and most of Oregon searching for stranded motorists.

As I've mentioned before, making pictures for this series is hard work and there is great deal of chance involved. Hopefully, the many miles traveled (almost 2000 for this trip) will produce some quality photos to fill out the series. It's a weird thing to set off hoping you will find someone whose car has broken down. I don't think it technically qualifies as schadenfreude, but it comes close.

Beyond traveling the hard miles on hot asphalt with my Mamiya by my side, I am looking forward to experiencing the wide open landscape of the west and visiting the fantastically livable Portland, Oregon. I have been to the Rose City before and loved it, but this time I am excited to spend time with new friends Corey Arnold and Laura Moya of Photolucida.

I will be posting periodically from the road, so stay tuned for spirited tales of adventure, mystery, and intrigue from the left coast of America.
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