Monday, April 30, 2007

My Kind of Town... Part 2

A Motive For Change © Carlos and Jason Sanchez 2004
Right off the bat I have to confess that art fairs make me uneasy. It's like a field trip to the sausage factory. I am happier not knowing about this uncomely, but necessary side of the art world engine. Given my art fair apprehension, our trip to Art Chicago was a mixed bag. I appreciate seeing individual pieces by photographers I respect, and it's satisfying to see your work in the mix, but the naked commerce and shotgun context leaves you wanting to head for the exit the moment you walk through the entrance.

I managed to pull it together and tour a few of the aisles at Art Chicago. I was amazed at the number of Burtynsky's, Polidori's, and Hofer's hanging on the temporary walls. Large scale prints of empty places would seem to be the currency of contemporary photography. The highlight for me was seeing work by my favorite photographer siblings, Carlos and Jason Sanchez, at the Cutts Gallery booth. I have been a fan ever since I saw their work in the Ecotopia exhibit at the ICP

After several hours at the art mall of America, the Versionfest exhibition curated by Brian Ulrich and Jon Gitelson was the perfect palate cleanser. Any time you can fill a warehouse with cool people to view some great photography while drinking PBR, you know you are in with the right crowd.
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