Friday, January 26, 2007

5 Things Meme Tag...I'm It

Brian "Pegboy" Ulrich has called me out with a '5 things meme' blog chain letter challenge. Well, world, this is the unknown me:

Queen of Leisure: I was the youngest ever resident of the assisted living paradise that is Leisure World. They enforce a strict over-55 age policy, but I managed to skirt the law for a few months to take care of my father. While there I made extra cash working ham salad duty at Honey Baked Hams.

Hot Dog: I am card carrying member of the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) and had dreams of being the first woman to battle the mighty Kobayashi for the Coney Island hot dog crown. My gurgitator dreams were dashed with the sudden rise of the Black Widow, Sonya Thomas, and my own fears about the potential rise in my cholesterol level.

Camp Nerd: For three straight summers during the 80s I attended Champlain College Computer Camp. You can't get much more nerdy than a summer of canoeing, smores, and FORTRAN.

Just Say Whoa, Man: Selected as my high school's representative for a "Just Say No" conference at the White House with Nancy Reagan. Attended the event and met with Nancy and Ronnie while nursing a vicious hangover.

That's My Cookie: My husband is a Girl Scout! Seriously.

I'll tag: Shen Wei, Jen Bekman, Shane Lavalette, Lisa Hunter, and Amy Elkins
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